FAQ – How to change password, change the data profile

You will find on this page the various procedures to enable you to better navigate this site .

How to change the data of my profile ?

When you are logged on the site , a “button” my account is displayed at the top right of the home page , you can click it to edit your profile data :

fr faq connexion mon compte

You arrive at the following view:

fr faq profil

You can your information from this view. The only data that you can not change your username.

fr faq profil donnees ventes encheres

You can change your name, pseudonym.

Display name publicly : This is the name that will be displayed at the auction . You can select from the list . If you want to display a different name , you must first change your username , and save your profile. Select your name to display publicly and save your new profile.

You can also from this page to change your password by clicking the button “Create a password ”

fr faq profil changement mdp

Will appear the following:

fr faq profil changement mdp defaut

You can input the password you desire. If it is “weak” safe , you should check the ” Confirm using weak password .”

fr faq profil changement mdp conf mdp faible

After edit your profile data , do not forget to click the “Update Profile ” button for your changes to take effect.

fr faq profil mettre a jour profil

And then return to the site , click ” Francolomb ” at the top left of this page.

fr faq profil revenir page accueil