Dragos Chiritescu (Romania)


Dragos Chiritescu (Roumania)

Dragos Chiritescu is a Romanian racing pigeons fancier known all over the world.
Due to these racing pigeons fanciers activities, Dragos is in direct contact with all the best Belgians, Dutch and Germans pigeons fanciers. He also visits them every two weeks.

He has visited hundreds of lofts in recent years and from this experience he has learned to find the best pigeons and buy the best of the best in the best Dutch or Belgian lofts to equip his loft.
This allows him to have TOP results in Romania, 2 years ago, he had 2 pigeons in the TOP10 of Romanian Marathon Ace Pigeons


This year, he won:

  • 1st place final FIVESTAR GOLDEN LOFT OLR
  • 1st Ace pigeon of FIVESTAR GOLDEN LOFT OLR
  • 2nd place final FIVESTAR GOLDEN LOFT OLR


In Romania, Dragos is very well known because he is the owner of an exclusive loft with many direct pigeons from :

  • Joel Verschoot – Sons and Daughters ARMANDO – (1st Ace National Longue Distance KBDB), CONTADOR (10st Ace National Long Distance KBDB), AGEN (1st National Agen), SUZANNE ( 1st National Pau).


CONTADOR--222ARMANDO--224Joel Verschoot SuzanneJoel Verschoot AgenJoel Verschoot Cees

  • Jos Martens : Son HELIOS (stInternational Perpignan) & son ANDRE – (1st National Marseille)


Jos Martens Helios NL16-1795328

Jos Martens André

  • Hugo Batenburg : Son and grand-childrens NEW LAUREAAT (1st International Barcelone)


batenburg New Laureaat be08-2222675_1

  • Karl Heinz Koers : Daughter MARIE (1st International St Vincent)


  • Gerard Koopman : Son OLYMPIC JERSON

Koopman NL10-5011833 Jerson layout_3075

  • Herman Brinkman : Sons and Daughters INCROYABLE, BLUE ACE, DE CAHORS, FAST IN THE DARK

Brikman Blue AceBrikman De Cahors

Brikman Fast in The Dark

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