Samuel Turcq from Merris (59-France) – 1st NPDC & 2nd National Barcelone 2016

Samuel Tucq Merris

In 2014, Samuel made headlines by finishing 2nd Ace pigeon European with its famous Kloden . With this same line, the colony merrisienne adds a second significant success in international race as the mother of the 2nd Ace pigeon European 2014 is the sister  of the 1st NPDC (semi-national) and 2nd National Barcelona in 2016 .

Samuel Turcq 422346

The 422346 :

Mother of Kloden : 2nd Ace pigeon Européen 2014.
Mother of 4th Ace pigeon AIF Yearling 2015.
Mother of 1st TOUR Yearling provincial 2016 (group of Hazebrouck)
Sister of PAPESY 1st Nord Pas de Calais, 2nd National et 9th International BARCELONE 2016.

The Beginnings :

Samuel started pigeon racing in the early 1990s on Merris (59 – France ) where he simply played the contest of speed.

In 1999, Samuel moved on Merville, located ten kilometers from Merris . In Merville, Samuel participates in competitions Nord Pas de Calais playing federal contest of the first area and contest ALC- CALC and tried a few forays into international .

In 2007 , following his second move and return on Merris Samuel focused primarily international.


The origins :

Originally side , Samuel started with pigeons from at Paul Shercousse.

Then, to attack the international competitions, direct purchases will be made at Gaston Slots , thanks to his friend Philippe Bodart Merville (59), also note that Philippe is the son of Leo Bodart St. Venant (62).
Samuel introduces only very few pigeons , some exchanges with his friend Philippe Bodard ( origins Slots / Jac van der Wegen ) are simply realized.


Conduct of the colony :
Samuel has only 20 racing pigeons ( 12 Older and 8 yearling), this does not prevent him to participate in all international competitions.
Food side , the pigeons receive a mixture of sports from Demey from Winnezeele.

A treatment against tricho is performed after each international competition.
Late in the season , the pigeons are coupled for breeding later . They are separated in October and then re- coupled to March 25 for a 5-day incubation .


Results 2016 in international races :

  • Pau 4 prices of de 4 basketed
  • Barcelone 2 prices of 4 basketed with the 1st NPDC, 2rd National et 9th international
  • St-Vincent : 2 prices of 4 basketed
  • Narbonne 1 prices of 3 basketed
  • Perpignan : 2 prices of 2 basketed

The best pigeons :

  • Pape Sy – 1st NPDC et 2nd National Barcelone 2016Samuel Turcq PapesyIt’s a 100% Gaston Slots.109/2560p National and 871/12054p International Marseille 2014135/3832p National and 350/17971p International Perpignan 20144278/19089p Barcelone International 2015

    225/2581p National and 977/10104p International Marseille 2015

    308/3862p National and 1455/15954p International Perpignan 2015

    1st NPDC, 2nd National and 9ème International Barcelone 2016

  • Kloden – 2nd Ace pigeon Europeen 2014. His father, The 526371-2008 was awarded 13 times in the international races. We find in his pedigree the Gaston Slots origin. His mother,  she a sister of Papesy (1st NPDC and 2nd National Barcelone 2016). It’s therfore a 100% Gaston Slots.129/1970p National and 195/8295p International Pau 201422/2837p National and 70/11388p International St-Vincent 2014 


    60/3832p National and 142/13876p International Perpignan 2014


  • 193588-2011 : Bokolo – Half brother by father of Papesy. His mother is also a 100% Gaston Slots.2014 : Awarded on Barcelone and Narbonne2015 : Awarded on Barcelone, Marseille and Perpignan2016 : 87th National Barcelone
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