Didier & Serge Hoflack from Boursin (62-France)

Hoflack Boursin

For the racing season 2016, it’s :

2 x 1st Semi-National (Nord Pas de Calais),

4 x 1st Inter-Provincial (NPDC Zone Ouest)

18 x 1st Provincial (Groupement de Boulogne sur Mer)

12 x The four 1ers Provincial on average  1687 Pigeons

1er French Ace Pigeon Female 2016 on 3 international race ( Pau – St Vincent- Bram)

Didier and Serge Hoflack had finished the 2015 season by the Supreme Champion of France all categories including :

  • 1st Semi-National (NPDC) Brive Yearling (Fastest of 9000 bird),
  • 1st Semi-National (NPDC) St-Junien Yearling of 2122 bird
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Semi-National (NPDC) Guéret Young of 4079 pigeon
  • 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th Semi-National (NPDC) Limoges Young


From the begging of the 2016 racing season, they showed the tone , and a continuation of the 2015 season, they started on a flying since April 17 they simply crushed the competition with the top 13 ( 34 in top 50 and 121 price of 174 basketed) of 3798 Old pigeon Pontoise Provincial.


Next week, on Chateaudun pronvincial, winning the 5 first in Old (29 in top 50 and 81 price of 94 basketed) of 2178 pigeons and in the Yearling category  winning the 9 first (34 in top 50 and 65 price of 79 basketed) of 876 pigeons. That was only the beginning of the 2016 festival Boursin colony winning this year 2 times first Semi-National, 4 times first Inter-Provincial and 18 times first Provincial, including 12 times the four first  provincial on average of 1687 pigeons .


The origins of the pigeons that make up the currently colony  :

Serge and Didier Hoflack playing speed contest when they lived Outreau .

In 1998, with the move to Outreau Boursin , Didier and Serge decided to start from scratch and move towards the bottom ½ of competition and cross one day.

For this contest for 300kms to 500kms , they turned to Maurice Casaert .

They bought a couple: Maurice x Julienne (9147129/1998 x 9147107/1998) , couples who quickly proved to be a golden couple and the success arrived soon after . Found that blood in many pigeons of the colony.

They quickly befriended with the master of Néchin and Serge Didier and later went to see the arrivals of national competitions regularly.

4 other blood streams were added later to extend the distance to 700kms : The Georges Bolle, the Etienne Devos, Chris Hebberecht and later Christmas Lippens . All through direct purchases.

In 2000, Serge and Didier returned home of Georges Bolle with 3 pigeons whose BOLLE BLUE ( 3001593/2000 ) . Father of the famous Mr Bergerac (1st Nat Ace Pigeon background 2006); Pigeon who later moved to the lofts of Gaby Vandenabeele famous when he became a core player in the master of Dentergem.

In 2008 , they returned home of Georges Bolle with 3 pigeons which Denise , mother of the 3rd International Pau 2011, JOJO , father of the 1st Gueret Nord Pas de Calais Young 2012 .


Seeing that great Belgian fanciers including Georges Bolle invest in pigeon Noël Lippens colony, Serge and Didier decided to do the same and in 2011, they reserve a large amount of eggs and young of the colony Aarsele .

The following year, the acquisition at Nöel Lippens already showed their potential with Elena ( National Ace Pigeon Young and representative of France at the Olympiad in Nitra 100% Lippens )

In view of the international races those Serge and Didier  which are interested more and more , they recently introduced the Gaby VANDENABEELE,  Luc VAN COPPENOLLE and Chris HEBBERECHT pigeons and some birds in Meirlaen Etienne and P. Veenstra , or Rik Cools , De Saer Rudi , Scheele, always by direct acquisitions .

The colony consists of fairly solid pigeons , pigeons a bit beefier than average, with a well-ventilated wing and special attention to the eye for reproduction.

An Important work on inbreeding is achieved ; Thus couplings cousin / cousin , half-brother / half-sister, grandfather / granddaughter and even brother and sister are made to maintain the quality of their pigeon.


Conduct of the colony :

In Boursin , each with its role : Didier deals couplings, introductions and breeding . Serge cares when its care and the contest preparations.

The colony consisted of 300 pigeons in the winter and up to 450 pigeons in full season. The pigeons are distributed as follows :

  • 2 breeding pigeon loft who can receive 40 couples + 2 aviaries. 4 boxes are reserved for new couples or value pairs.
  • 2 young pigeon loft for up to 150 young
  • 2 lofts for Yearlings for up to 40 pigeons
  • 6 lofts for 76 widowers (36 and 36 1year old ) .

For Hoflack , ventilation is paramount, and the floor of the barn has large openings as front , as the tiles or by the ceiling lockers.

The old are played in classic widowhood , the yearling to celibacy


After playing season , widowers are separated from females in September, having spent ten days together after the last contest. From September to late February – early March, no pigeon flies around lofts . Initially the pigeons were not flying to guard hunting and works like that , and Serge Didier have decided not to fly their birds during the winter. During this period, a resting mixture is served complemented some corn seeds .

In early December, the whole colony is coupled , each traveler must raise a young and female is removed prior to a second brood . A cleaning Fitness in early April for both old and yearlings .

After one or two preparatory stages to 180 km, the pigeons are then basketed to competitions ½ background and especially for Semi-National and National races.

The international races are still very little play , despite a great success with the 3rd and 14th international Pau 2011, the 11th and 14th International Pau in 2009 and this season the first female French Ace Pigeon Pau – Saint Vincent and Bram.

Young generation side, current March / April a first selection is made by hand . The youngsters do not meet the criteria set by Serge and Didier are automatically eliminated.

Young pigeon are trained up , see 3 to 4 times a week from 2 to 25kms contest. They are played on the system of the sliding door. Young females are played without restraint .

Food side , Serge and Didier trust the firm Versele Laga (mixtures more).

The food pattern is traditional : depurative and some corn seeds earlier in the week , widowhood mixture sports the last six meals prior to lodge. Travellers have the room to the common pan at will for 45 minutes to an hour , morning and evening. The return of the competition , it’s a mix depurative / widowhood with tea.

The pigeons are vaccinated with Colombovac earlier this year . The airways are treated early in the season as the common cold. A treatment against tricho is performed every 3 weeks during the playing season. For the rest, the pigeons are left as close to nature.

Vitamins, they are proposed in the fountain the last days before departure.

In view of the quality of the topics and motivation and Serge Didier , we can already tell you that you can count on their continued performance in the next season why not excellent performances of international .


The headlights pigeons in your colony :

Hoflack Boursin
Hoflack Boursin

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