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Martha Van Geel selected 27 pigeons 2020 for his auction especially for Francolomb.

All pigeons are from the breeding loft of MARTHA VAN GEEL, a real sanctuary for the marathon pigeon.

From the “DOLLE”, the legendary prototype of the marathon pigeon Jan Aarden, to the modern breeding crack “QUASIMODO”, Martha's desire has always been to maintain a requirement for quality and therefore results, a requirement that she shares with her companion Heinz, a fan of pigeons as they say!

The Martha van Geel's loft always shines in national and international classics of long
distance thanks to a constant desire to preserve the historic qualities of the Van Geel pigeon, and
to integrate the blood of at least as talented outside pigeons.

Accessing the VAN GEEL breeding means taking advantage of many decades of selection and therefore winning time in building a competitive colony on international races!

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